Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lactose-Gluten-Wheat-Dairy-IBS and more

If you are suffering in silence with IBS or food intolerance see and email me and I will send you more information.

Carole kept losing weight and was down from 50kg to 44kg.
For 10 years or more, she could not eat any food of any kind with wheat, gluten, dairy, etc or any fruits that would not make her bowel upset and make her go to the toilet. She was getting very sick and very weak and the next step was to admit her to hospital. Carole has spent hundreds of dollars on medications and has seen many doctors, specialists, hospitals and naturopaths and tried "miracle diets" and no one could help her.Carole came across these products with a lot of praying, as there was nowhere else to go. These natural organic products have helped Carole to recover from severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome and being so passionate about this cure, we would love to help others to also return to good health and enjoy food once again.Carole eating once again cakes, pastries, dairy, wheat, foods with gluten, salads, nuts, vegetables, fruit and we also now go out to restaurants and cafes without having to find and sit near the toilets first. Carole once again has energy, sleeps peacefully through the night as her IBS used to keep her awake with pain, and she is back to 48kg again and our friends say she looks great. She still can't eat too much garlic or lots of hot spices or lettuce (she eats bok choy instead of too much lettuce as this is too hard to digest unless boiled) but we do also once again go to her favourite ice cream shop and she doesn’t have to run to the toilet with Irritable Bowel any more.

Ben, A Personal Trainer

Our son, who is a personal trainer, was having trouble with his bowel with gluten and lactose intolerance after eating dairy products. After many years, he finally came to us and wanted to try this treatment that had helped his mum Carole to enjoy food once again. He is once again eating and enjoying dairy products without any problems.
Carole and I used to take lots of probiotics and fish oils and supplements, etc and as we ran out of these supplements and fish oils and other tablets (we have tried them all) we now just take these herbs as we couldn't afford all the other products as well, and we are now fantastic health wise with no more Irritable Bowel. 

Roy and Carole Morris

Most Arthritis Osteoporosis is Preventable Curable and has been since 1968

Dr Rex Newnham self-experimented with borax ingestion to supplement a boron deficiency. He discovered that the inflammation and joint stiffness he suffered was alleviated after taking 30 milligrams of borax twice per day for three weeks. In addition, the relief lasted for an entire year before he had to resume the regimen. Borax controls the amoeba that is attributed to rheumatoid arthritis. Boron-fortified mouthwashes treat pyorrhoea, arthritis of the teeth and gums. Spondylitis, arthritis of the spine, Still's disease, juvenile arthritis, gout, uric acid build-up and osteoporosis are all responsive to borax supplements.